Wild antler chews from our backyard to yours

Our Elk Antler Chews come from naturally shed antlers of wild elk in North America. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re high quality, nutritious, and chemical-free.

  • Ethically Sourced

    Wild elk naturally shed their antlers annually. Our sustainable process ensures no animal cruelty or unethical farming.

  • 100% Natural Nutrients

    Antlers are rich in calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and more, providing health benefits without additives or chemicals.

  • Lasting Quality

    We only collect Grade A antlers, ensuring durability and flavor. Hand-cut and packaged for freshness, they last longer and taste superior.

  • Support Dog Instincts

    Antler chews naturally promote good canine habits such as physical exercise, stress relief, mental stimulation, and dental health.

  • 30 Day Guarantee

    Have peace of mind knowing that if your pooch doesn’t love nibbling on our elk antlers, you’ll be able to get a full refund.

For all doggie shapes & sizes

Find the right size antler chew for your pup

  • 10-25lb dogs

  • 20-40lb dogs

  • 40-60lb dogs

  • 60lb+ dogs

  • For smaller dogs – exposed marrow for a softer chew

  • For more aggressive chewers or dogs with stronger jaws

Why Good Trouble Antlers are the top dog’s choice

  • ✅ Grade A

    ✅ Multiple Sizes

    ✅ Residue Free

    ✅ Chemical Free

    ✅ 30-Day Guarantee

  • ❌ Ungraded

    ❌ One Size

    ❌ Sticker Residue

    ❌ Chemicals

    ❌ All Sales Final

Rest easy knowing your pup's chewing on locally sourced, toxin-free, and nutritious bone—a far cry from mystery online brands.

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The elk antlers that your pup will chew(s) every time.