Ways to Keep Your Pup Entertained While Working From Home

Ways to Keep Your Pup Entertained While Working From Home

Whether we like it or not, "social distancing" is our new normal for the next few weeks. When you're used to hitting the dog park every day or taking your pup to brunch on Sunday mornings, suddenly having to find ways to fill your (and your pups) time at home can be overwhelming. This paired with most of us working from home more regularly, we've come up with a couple pointers to keep your dog entertained every day of the week to {hopefully} help them stay happy and quiet from 9-5. 

1. Get Outside and Play

Take a break from your desk and do a quick loop around your block or neighborhood. Your dog will appreciate getting outside with them for a little cardio and your mental health will benefit as well. 

2. Cuddle Up

After a long day of work, video calls, laundry, cooking, and homeschooling your kids everyone looks forward to that small moment of solace. Invite your pup on the couch (even if it's against the rules, I think times like these call for a little rule bending) for a few minutes of mindless cuddles. Watch your anxiety melt away, even if just temporarily, and they'll love the extra bonding time with you. 

3. Invest In Some New Toys

There's no better time than now to invest in new toys for your pup. Look for toys that challenge your pup and encourage them to use different parts of their brain. Puzzle toys like this treat dispensing cube from Kong offer a challenging way for your dog to use different skills in order to get each treat out. For another option, grab this interactive puzzler from Zippy Paws to help keep their boredom at bay. Give their brain the workout it needs to keep them happy and stimulated through these days at home! 

Want to save some money? There are many at home ways to provide your dog with entertainment as well! Set up a scavenger hunt around your house or apartment. Strategically place treats and small toys around and have them hunt them down. This will help your pup flex their scavenging skills while being rewarded. It's a win win!

4. Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks 

Now is the time to really focus on the extra training you've been meaning to get around to for weeks or maybe even years! Use some of your spare time to teach your pup a new trick. With many training resources online as well as books available for instant download, there's no reason your pup can't learn something new while hunkering down at home with the fam. Maybe you can even teach them to get you a snack from the fridge while you polish off your 30th season of Real Housewives? 

We get that this is a really tough time. Anxiety is high (for good reason) and sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, we're in this together! Let's lean on each other and our pups and find the small moments worth celebrating, even in the unknown weeks ahead. Take some pointers from us, grab your pup and their leash and hit the pavement for some good old fashioned fun...all at a safe distance of course! 

Still need some extra help chilling your pup out while home? Check out our Calming formula- the perfect way to take the edge off your frazzled, too much pent up energy pup. 👍👍

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