Goodboy Is Now Good Trouble: A Letter From Our CEO

Goodboy Is Now Good Trouble: A Letter From Our CEO

Same Year, New Us 🙃

After launching Goodboy in December 2019 we never knew that the next 2 + years would be such a wild ride. We’ve navigated this little bootstrapped biz through numerous supply chain disruptions, rising costs, shipping delays and oh, {NBD} a global pandemic!?!? Needless to say, we never could have imagined that two years in this would be the story we’d be telling. 

As we move into 2022 and beyond we’re so excited for what’s to come for Goodboy… oh wait, I mean Good Trouble! That’s right, Goodboy is getting a facelift and a new name. Why? Well, many reasons. 

    • We wanted to create a better experience for you.
    • We wanted to bring on new products to fit EVERY need of your modern day pet.
    • We wanted to be more than just supplements- a one stop shop where you can find premium pet essentials that are both functional and fashionable.
    • We wanted to eliminate as much plastic as we could from our outdated packaging {hello new paper tubes!}. Our formulas + supplements are exactly the same, just without the plastic!
    • We wanted to honor our Atlanta roots & partner with organizations that better the lives of pups and their people in our community. 

We get that this might seem weird, why mess with a good thing? But honestly, it’s really pretty simple. We want to be known for more than just wellness. Good Trouble is a brand driven by both health and happiness of pup and parent, something that's few and far between in the pet space. We understand that as a pet owner, you want a more tailored experience. You want ingredient transparency, supply chain and manufacturing transparency, and you want it all in one convenient place. 

At Good Trouble, we're building a brand where customers can do just that. A place to find functional, fashionable, and efficacious products that seamlessly blend into your everyday activities. We're so happy you're here and excited for you to see our glow up!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. 

Cheers to Good Trouble, your pups, and the future looking brighter than ever! 🐾 🥂 🐾

Kari Sapp

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